Bathing suits. Cover up! Don’t expose too much. People will get the wrong impression. Well quite frankly, who cares!

Don’t get me wrong, last week I was one of those girls. But after spending some time in South America I have a whole new outlook. The women here embrace their bodies and don’t care what other people think (at first I was hesitant because Brazilians love to stare, but I’ve realized it’s not in a malicious way. Their mothers obviously just never told them it’s rude to stare). But if you’re not wearing a thong, or something close to it, you actually stand out and people know you’re, well… American.

All shapes, sizes, colors, it doesn’t matter. No woman likes tan lines so just let yourself go, America. Your body is beautiful.

P.S. This goes for men too. Speedos, baby!

Warning: Just don’t wear the revealing bottoms at water parks in the US; you’ll be asked to leave. (Note: This is not from personal experience. Just nice advice from a friend.) #yourewelcome

There are two parts to Carnival: the blocos, or street party parades, and the main attraction: The Samba Parade at the Sambodromo. We were fortunate enough to experience both!

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Living in Rio.

This type of travel is so different from anything I’ve ever done before. We’re living here. Not rushing to see everything because we’re on a deadline.

“Only here for a week, hurry hurry!”

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